Get inspired

This is the uplift page for the days when you need to be inspired, to find a ray of hope, or just remember that someone else has been down this thorny road before and wrote about it.

I’ll be sharing quotes, poems and all kinds of wonderful thoughts which I’ve recorded over the past year. There’s been some dark and painful days let me tell you. But I also believe in searching for the light in the darkness. I welcome any comments and suggestions you may feel like sharing to keep us all inspired.

I found the following story on a postcard in a local independent bookstore as part of a contemporary art exhibition. It’s an interesting look at infertility in past times. I’m sure plenty of rich women have been tempted to go down this path out of sheer desperation. And the funniest thing is that it’s written by a man.


She excused herself and hurried upstairs. For a moment conversation waned, as the diners adjusted to one less opinion, but someone quickly plugged the gap, and they had resumed full steam before she reached the landing.
Quietly, she slipped into the bedroom and locked the door. In the corner was a tall mirror, and she positioned herself in front of it, or as best she could while keeping her bump in view. It was prominent now, shaped like the bottom of an egg.
But something wasn’t right, something digging in her side.
She reached a arm behind her, searching for the offending clasp or buckle, but couldn’t quite reach, her fingers extended and scratching blindly, until the effort made her turn right round and fall on the bed. “Shit.”
A more thorough approach required. She pulled her blouse out of her skirt, lifted it up and with her free hand undid the laces on her corset. The cushions it held strapped to her waist bulged. The egg shape, so carefully sculpted, melted and deformed.
But there was the offender, a zip from one of the cushions. She tucked it in and rearranged the whole ensemble, tying the corset firmly in place.
Downstairs, the diners had polished off their pastries and reclined in their chairs, chatting amiably about nothing in particular. When she appeared, Matt stood up and put out his arm, guiding her gently to her place. Their eyes followed her all the way, and she shivered pleasantly in the warmth of their affection and gentle concern.

By Tobias Baudry

6 thoughts on “Get inspired”

  1. I made my way over from Something out of Nothing. I feel similarly, and try to find some inspiration, even when really everything around me sucks. In fact, just such an inspiring quote was borrowed for the name of my blog. I’m sorry for your loss, pregnancy loss is totally devastating.

  2. I love that you started a “get inspired” page.. We all need some uplifting during this experience..I found Mirror rather interesting… Could you imagine?

    Hope you are well Bebe.


    • No KSS, I’d never have the nerve to go through with such a ruse for 9 months! How desperate would you have to be? Definitely couldn’t happen today but I’d say it often happened back then. Hope you’re well too KSS.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you!!!! Your story gives me hope. I googled multinucleated embryos because one of the mine that was transferred last week was. And I did the research and saw that it was a bad thing. I also consider this a throwaway cycle – the last (third) FET from a “bad batch” My RE said he would normally start over with a fresh cycle but I like to use up all the embies I create (no regrets, right?). So, your story gave me hope. And if it works, I also believe it will be a miracle. I have absolutely ZERO symptoms right now too.

    • Hi Rebecca, thank you for getting in touch! I’m thrilled to hear from someone else with multi-nucleated embryos. I’m now 19 weeks pregnant and my miracle is kicking me as I type this. Had no symptoms until about 7/8 weeks in. We had ZERO hope going into this cycle -same as you – so nothing is impossible. Keep positive. When is your test? I’ll be crossing all fingers for you. Hugs.

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