This night three years ago our miracle baby boy was born. Every single day ever since, I cannot believe our luck- we are parents! We had a baby! 

An actual baby of our own. Each night as I kiss his sleeping head, I think my heart will explode with love. 

And we had given up. 

For anyone out there going through the pain of infertility, I say ‘hang in there.’

Now we have days of snots, poo, tantrums, spiderman everything, the best squeezy hugs, the most mischievous giggles, the funniest of questions. 

Driving home from Donegal to Sligo today a herd of ewes and lambs escaped onto the road in front of us. 

“They’re fast sheep Mammy”, “why are they on the road?”

“Why did they get out?”

“Why are sheep’s brains small?”

“Where’s their Daddy sheep?”

And so on. Magic journeys. 

There hasn’t been much sleep in the past three years but so much love and joy. It more than compensates!