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Slowly moving on and healing after my second miscarriage after the 4th round of IVF. The awful emotional pain has ebbed to a dull ache.

I find myself looking at newborn baby clothes in children’s shops now wistfully. I still think they’re cute. The inner mamma in me is slowly re-surfacing. It doesn’t hurt to look at friend’s newborn babies. Well maybe just a little bit. I’m getting there.

Maybe our next FET will work, most likely it won’t. I’m conditioning myself for it to not work anyway.  And I have my own little bundle of mischief who every day is growing away from being a baby and more and more into a fun loving darling little boy.

I’m reading this book at the moment, recommended by a cousin: FrCh It’s a hoot. Immensely readable and very funny. As a journalist who has also lived in Paris, albeit 20 years ago now, and was an Au-pair for a 3 year old French boy, I can relate to this Maman.

Her advice on making children wait is very interesting. Himself can be very demanding so it’s good to see what others are doing.