Well we had our embryo transfer today. 

Brought back plenty of memories of our first transfers in the Middle East four years ago. 

Our lovely Spanish embryologist told us that we started out with 16 embryos. Over the last few days many developed abnormally or just didn’t grow well. But we had a ‘really nice grade 1 ‘ blastocyst and another good looking grade 2 which they thought were the best for a fresh transfer today. 

They also chose two for freezing today and maybe one or two more tomorrow. They’ll call me in the morning to confirm frosty numbers. 

So! I have two little brothers/sisters (?) on board for my son – for now at least. The embryologist said they’d be hatching in a few hours so I’m wondering is that now? I’ll never know. 

Even if this cycle fails at least we have a few more embryos frozen which many people don’t get so I am so grateful for that. 

Nothing to do now but try not to go insane. Let the TTW begin.