Well, it’s been far too long since I posted here. 

Motherhood is rather exhausting but fills me with a joy “beyond compare” as the poets might say. 

One big reason for my constant state of near-coma is the fact that my 16 month old son is still not sleeping the night. 

He’s gotten (or rather we’ve let him?) into the habit of waking at least twice for a nice midnight/2/5am guzzle of milk from the bottle. He cries, he drinks, he sleeps. 

It’s like a dream feed in that he barely wakes and goes straight back to sleep. But boy will he roar if he doesn’t get it (he always gets it). 

Any of you lovely Mamas have any tips for us getting a full night’s sleep again? 

He was going the night from 5-9 months but got sick at Christmas and developed a fondness for night time sips of milk. 

I can’t let him cry it out. He’s the most stubborn child and will roar for two hours if that’s what it takes to get milk. I’m going to try water at night from tonight on. 

I offered water to him at 5.30am today and he was disgusted. Batted it away and called for ‘bop bop’ which is his milk bottle. 

And yes, I feed him up as much as I can wit nourishing substantial food before bed. 

My husband is away. I’m working full time. I’m so tired of being tired. All suggestions gratefully received.