Today is a very special day. This day last year, our three frozen embryos were taken out. One sadly wasn’t strong enough for a transfer. Two were. One of those two little seeds took root, grew and was born the beautiful baby boy sleeping beside me right now.
We still cannot believe how blessed we are to have a child.
But today is also very special for another IVF-er battler I have come to know and love who early this morning gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She is one of three special friends who have shared this journey of heartbreak and joy with me these past 15 months. One by one, we got a positive, then a scan, then usually a scare, then more scans, each terrifying step of pregnancy made all the more reassuring by sharing, until the first baby arrived, then second and third (twins!) then mine and finally the fifth gorgeous baby today.
The odds were against us right from the start. Even more so among a group of four girls struggling with infertility. Only one of us should have succeeded. But the four of us did it. Were we lucky? Definitely. Are we grateful? Eternally.
Our five precious babies are today blooming where they were planted. It’s time to let go of the heartache and feel the love. this song is for us: