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I’m 41 weeks pregnant. A week overdue. I thought I’d be busy with my baby by now….getting a little impatient! We’ve waited four long years and now that we’re on the cusp of parenthood, the last few days are testing my patience once again. 

Once again I feel those oh-so-familiar feelings – my body is letting me down. It’s refusing to go into labour. Maybe it doesn’t know how? Just like it didn’t seem to know how to get pregnant naturally? Once again, I’m in a situation out of my control and it’s bringing with it all those nasty frustrated feelings of helplessness. 

I had a ‘cervical sweep’ in the labour ward two nights ago. My obstetrician told me the baby was “sky high” and my cervix was unfavourable. I already know it’s unfavourable. But I hope it’ll do me a favour just this once and perform the way it should within the next three days. Because on Monday, I’m being brought in to be induced. 

I really didn’t want to have to be induced. All those horror stories of babies in distress brought on by the artificial oxytocin drug Syntocinon make me very anxious and nervous. 

The slightly better news, is that at another check-up today, my doctor said the baby’s head had dropped slightly. So hopefully it will continue to do so and I might go into labour naturally between now and Monday. 

Like so much of this journey, all we can do is wait and hope.