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I’m now almost 40 weeks pregnant. I’ve been away I know –  I’ve been doing a postgrad in Digital Media which has taken up any spare ounce of pregnant energy I’ve had over the past six months. The irony is not lost on me.

The bump has come, grown and is now about to explode. This IVF miracle which has been growing inside me these past 10 months, is now ready to emerge.

I’m due on Good Friday, 18th of April.  My husband is working overseas and returns Easter Sunday. 

I found out last week, that my consultant Ob/Gyn is leaving the country tomorrow and is not due back until Easter Sunday night (if even then…I have my doubts). So. I’m facing the very real possibility of giving birth a)without my husband by my side and b)with a complete stranger delivering me. 

I’m refusing to fret (consciously) as there’s nothing  I can do about it, it’s out of my control. Baby will come when Baby is ready. I’m pleading with my bump daily to stay put though. 


Weight: Tonnes. Over 3 stone increase. 

Swelling: Hands (had to remove wedding rings) and feet – looking more like elephant stumps by the day. 

Walking: What was once a brisk stride has been reduced to a sloooooow lumbering waddle. If I forget myself and rush, my pelvic regions remind me with a sharp pain that I’m heavily pregnant. Baby steps are all that’s possible these past few weeks. 

Sleeping: Hah. 

Appetite: As hardy as ever. 

Flatulence: Letting rip with gusto when I’m alone. I’m like a pipe band on St Patrick’s Day. 

Heartburn: None! Just an odd bit of reflux

Skin: Skin tags emerging weekly along my neck and armpits. And large moles appearing daily. Quite disconcerting. Dermatologist appointment topping my post-natal list of ‘Things To Do’. 

Bikini line: Waxed and ready to go. 

Toenails: French polished to remind me in labour that yes, I am a glamour puss normally. 

Hair: Freshly cut, God knows when I’ll next make it to a salon. 

Bags: Packed and ready for off. 

Labour anxiety level: SKY HIGH. 

I’ve been reading all my fellow IVF-ers posts when I’ve had a minute over the past few months and so happy to see so many have had success with IVF. The more I think about our little ‘multinucleated’ frostie, who was frozen for six months prior to implantation, the more miraculous it seems for us all. 

I promise to keep you posted on progress. This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life. My time has come.