I have a new date for my calendar. 20 June – scratch/hysteroscopy day, yay!
I’m having the procedure done in Galway, under general anaesthetic (knock me out baby). I should be around day 20 of my next cycle by then and on day 21 I start taking a nasal spray. Is there any orifice they haven’t considered using in this process yet?

From then on I’ll be in FET mode and all the meds that go with that. I don’t think I’ll be stimulated with injections this time thank God. They just suppress my ovary action with the nasal spray and at the right time do the FET around mid-July.

At least plans are in place now and I’m already considering what we’ll do if/when the FET fails.
I heard of a girl whose first two FET failed recently. She went on to have a third FET with the lesser quality embryos – and got pregnant!

You just never know guys.

Also excited about tomorrow – I’m meeting Anne-Marie Scully of “Motherhoodwinked” fame (her infertility memoir on Amazon) and four others in Dublin who also reached out to her like me after hearing her interview on the radio.

I’m not in any support group here in Ireland (it’s still so taboo) so am really looking forward to meeting other women in the same situation. Going to be a long lunch…

By the way, my best friend from College was home on a visit from Australia this week, hadn’t seen her in three years. Told her the whole story. The most moving thing was when she said she’d say a Novena for me. “Maybe it’ll take a sinner’s prayers to work”.