Some good ideas for all us worriers out there!

Something Out of Nothing

I haven’t written about my new therapist yet.  I’ve had two sessions with her so far.  The first was spent answering a bunch of questions about why I was interested in therapy, basic background/history, a bit about my relationships, strengths, etc.  I also told her about my previous therapy experiences, and she assured me our sessions would not be like that.  Which made me very happy.  She assured me she uses a very practical approach, to which I replied, “I’m all for practicality.”

She asked that I come to each session knowing what I wanted to discuss.  Because I was having such a hard time narrowing it down for my second session, I decided the topic for the day would be my racing thoughts and constant worry.  This seemed like a good place to start.

You know when I said I got an extra hour of sleep when I…

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