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Well I’m on day 7 of my stimulation cycle today. I had a blood test and scan yesterday and all seems to be going to plan. The nurse told me my ovaries looked like I had irregular periods – “you can see the follicles are reacting to the hormones like they don’t get it regularly. They’re hungry for it”.There’s a new one for the next dinner party conversation killer: “did I ever tell you about my hungry follicles?” “Er…no…”

Irregular periods are a symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is what I have despite having none of the typical symptoms: irregular periods, acne, facial hair and obesity – don’t have any of them. I fall into the 50% of women who show no symptoms apparently. 

So far I have about 13 follicles growing nicely on my right ovary (which is always busier than my left) and about 10 on my left ovary. Hopefully these are growing good quality eggs, which is my biggest fear. I’m feeling a little extra tired in the evenings which the nurse assured me was normal. Just have to drink two litres of water a day to reduce the symptoms. 

I got more advice about injecting Cetrotide as I’ve been getting a red itchy reaction on the injection site each time. The trick is to release the ‘pinch’ of skin you take once the needle is fully inserted so there’s more surface area for the liquid to disperse in. 

I tried this last night, but I was still red and itchy afterwards on my stomach. At least it subsides after about half an hour or so. 

Another scan tomorrow. I hope my follicles are getting well fed.