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Hello world of wonderful women who share my pain! This is my first blog post. I am about to go upstairs and inject myself in the tummy with my fourth Gonal F injection this week. It’s Friday and I’m into the first week of my third IVF cycle. It’s also the first time I’m going through IVF in my home country of Ireland. 

First two goes were in the Middle East. They didn’t work out too well. Picture waiting rooms full of Arab women clad head to toe in black, only their eyes visible through slits, with me sitting like a lemon in the middle and an Immam wailing in arabic on TV in the background and you get the picture. First cycle, in this particular clinic, got a big fat negative. Or ‘bfn’ as the experts in infertility threads call it. Nothing prepared me for the devastation of those two words by an indifferent receptionist: “zero, negative”. 

After we picked ourselves up off the floor from that particular experience we decided to change clinics. The next cycle worked out better – Lo and behold I got pregnant! But miscarried at 9 weeks to our great sorrow. I’ll write in detail about those two experiences on another page (only on page 21 of WordPress for Beginners, bear with me). 

So, here I am. A new year. Hopefully lucky 2013 for all of us. Things are very different at our clinic in Ireland. Much more one on one, more privacy. There’s no conveyor belt atmosphere. I’m feeling pretty relaxed about it so far but it is early days and I do know what’s ahead of me. I’m on day 4 of my stimulation cycle and my next scan is Sunday morning to see how many lovely follicles my ovaries are busy manufacturing. It’s amazing to think that a few shots of the mysterious hormones are actually creating my future embryos and hopefully, children.

Freezing embryos is allowed here in Ireland which is great, as it was against the law to freeze in the last clinic.  

I’m trying to eat healthily and today bought some Co-Q10 as the last clinic said it helps quality of eggs produced. If any of you have good dietary tips for someone with Polycystic Ovaries pre-egg collection do pass them on. 

I’m also trying acupuncture again. I tried it in the Middle East on my second cycle and whether or not it helped, I got pregnant so I’m hoping it may help again this time round. I was with a lovely Donegal acupuncturist who is almost like a therapist as well. She asked me first if I had a problem with needles and I nearly laughed in the poor woman’s face. At this stage, after all the gazillions of injections and blood tests last year, needles are a walk in the park lady. I’m a pro at shooting up now. 

She inserted needles into my ankles, shins, knees, both wrists ( for heart and lungs) my forehead (to calm the mind) and the top of my head “to bring up the whole body energy”. 

I relaxed and dozed off for about half an hour and tried some meditation. Even that alone was very calming. Then she turned me over on my tummy and inserted four needles into the small of my back to strengthen my kidneys and uterus. Any of you try acupuncture? I’d be interested to hear your experiences. 

Right, it’s that time of the day. Gonal F beckons, as does Cetrotide which I have to start today to prevent my ovaries from releasing any follicles early. It’s a boost ’em up but keep ’em in sort of drug. It rather fiddly with an ampoule which needs to be mixed – this is where I fantasize about being a Nobel-prize-winning scientist…